Hello….. Rich Kulsar here!

WELCOME to my comfortable, fully equipped.. Drumming and Recording Studio in Long Island City. Whatever your goals are, let’s discuss them and create a Lesson/Coaching Plan to help you achieve success. My main focus is Teaching Drummers how to Groove.

The key to grooving is finding a harmonious balance between your emotional energy and drumming technique. “Loosen your grip to strengthen your Sound and Groove!” You will become more attuned to your inner pulse and the spaces between the notes, thus enabling you to control your own “Rhythmic Flow” or “Pocket” and have more Confidence and FUN when you Drum!

One on One Sessions get recorded and I send each student an mp3 for later Groove Analysis. Learning to Listen to and Critique your own Drumming is a necessary skill for improvement!

Reading and Rudiments will be covered based on your goals and needs.

All Ages, Levels of Experience, Genders and Ethnicities are Welcome.


“I have been playing (really “trying” to play)  drums for many years. I luckily met Rich
after seeing a note he posted on a restaurant wall in Manhattan.

Aside from being one of the nicest people I have ever met, Rich is also a
great and patient teacher. He has really opened up new paths
and avenues for me.  During each and every lesson – there have been numerous –
I learn something new that enhances my technical ability and enhances
my joy for playing drums.”

Thanks much,

Aron G

Mike Polito

“I would absolutely recommend you get Rich on board as your coach!  Rich brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, passion and inspiration to his teaching.  His cheerful approach has made every session extremely fun and often humorous. Rich has done an excellent job of helping me enhance my sound and smooth out my groove by emphasizing how important attitude and mind set is.

His newly built out studio has amazing ambiance – and the audio and video recordings he has made of our sessions have been incredibly helpful in my growth.

Definitely awesome to work with.”