Introductory One on One Session:
At my LIC Studio; via Skype or Zoom: $40 up to 1 hr
Let’s find out if I’m a good fit for you and your Goals.

One on One Sessions:
At my LIC Studio; via Skype or Zoom: $70 hr $40 1/2 hr
At your preferred location: Price Negotiable based on travel distance and equipment needed to bring.
Pre Pay for 4 1hr Sessions: $240
Pre Pay for 4 1/2hr Sessions: $120
NOTE: 4 Pack Sessions must be completed consecutively over a 4 week period.
1 Session per week with NO REFUNDS for missed weeks.

Afternoon Group Sessions for Children up to age 8: 1 hr $10 per Child – 5 person min

Rhythmic Therapy: Family Drum Circles: Team Building:
$100 per 1hr Session – up to 5 people

Send Videos ( preferred ) or Recordings of your drumming and I will critique them and if necessary, offer suggestions on ways to help you improve your Groove. $20 hr includes listening
time and consultation via phone, text or email.

Recording Session with Top NYC Rhythm Section Players – Bass – Guitar – Keyboards:
You will get to put your Groove skills to the test. Session will be Multi-Track-Recorded and we will listen together, reinforcing the positive and identifying areas for improvement.
Studio Time: $200 for 2 hrs – Includes Recording, Mix Down and Listening Together
Musician Cost: $200 per player – Includes learning 1 Cover Song, your choice,  and recording it – up to 1 hr in the Studio

Recording a Drum Set:
Learn how to choose the right microphone and position it in order to achieve your desired sound. $100 for a 2 hr Session.
This Session can also include discussing tuning, treating and choosing the right drum or cymbal as well as exploring different playing techniques to produce the sounds in your head.

Contact me with your Preferred Payment Method for any of the above services.

Thx…….. Rich K